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GM MagneRide Shock + Height Sim, C5 Corvette - SDE

GM MagneRide Shock + Height Sim, C5 Corvette - SDE

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This kit allows you to replace the factory MagneRide electronically-adjustable shocks with aftermarket non-electronic units. It also allows removing the factory ride height sensors or making changes in vehicle ride height, all while avoiding dashboard error messages. Simply disconnect the factory wiring harness from the shock absorber or ride height sensor, and plug the harness into the appropriate SDE simulator module instead.


  • 1997-2004 Corvette (C5)
  • 1997-2004 Trucks and SUVs that use the same style connector


  • Industrial 3D printed housing
  • Automotive grade thermally-conductive epoxy
  • Integrated heat sinks
  • 2- and 3-pin OEM style connectors for easy installation


Please be sure to indicate whether you want components for a half vehicle (1-kit) or a full vehicle (2-kits) to ensure you receive the right number of simulators for your installation. The half vehicle kit shown in the picture includes two SDE shock simulators and two SDE ride height sensor simulators, which are enough to do one axle.

  • Half vehicle (2 shock simulators + 2 ride height sensor simulators for 1 axle) = 1 kit
  • Full vehicle (4 shock simulators + 4 ride height sensor simulators for 2 axles) = 2 kits

For 1997-2004 trucks and SUVs, the wiring harness connectors MUST have the exact same configurations as those shown in the pictures. The SDE shock absorber and ride height sensor simulators are not compatible with any other system.


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